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 Kirkgate Pre-School - Cockermouth - Cumbria

Here at Kirkgate Pre-School we aim to help the child to learn and develop to their full potential within a safe, stimulating and caring environment.  We offer children a fun time where friendships can flourish and where the children are happy and contented. Learning takes place within child-centred activities, where continuous provision offers freedom of choice, individual expression, exploration and discovery, and where the creative thinking and emotional development of children is the basis of what we do.

Kirkgate  Pre-school believes that:

·         Children need a great deal of freedom: the freedom to investigate and to try, to make mistakes and to correct mistakes, to choose where and with whom to invest their curiosity, intelligence and emotions.

·         Children need the freedom to appreciate the infinite resources of their hands, their eyes and their ears, the resources of forms, materials, sounds and colours.

·         They need the freedom to realise how reason, thought, and imagination can create continuous inter-weavings of things, and can move and shake the world.

·         Children must have the freedom to do all this without anyone arbitrarily setting the timing, rhythms and measures for them.

·         As adults, we need the same freedom, as well as much more competence, curiosity and imagination than we have demonstrated up to now, in order to offer children, and to build with them, the opportunities for learning and knowing.

                      (Loris Malaguzzi (1985) from T he Hundred Languages of Children)